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Congratulations, Kacie. Nothing is more exciting than bringing life into this world.

We have 6 adult children and ten grandchildren. When I first started quilting, I wanted to make a quilt for each of our children. I spent a year sewing and machine quilting and at Christmas, each of our children received a bed-size quilt. I thought about what colours they would like and choose a pattern I wanted to make. They all appeared happy with their gift.

I then made lap quilts for the grandchildren. Again, they were machine quilted. Now I am making bed-size quilts for all ten grandchildren. I think of what colours they seem to be drawn to and make a pattern I like or want to do. I don't think of what pattern the child will like; I don't think they have any preferences. I also am trying to not make it too trendy; I want these kids to enjoy the quilt and be able to show their grandchildren what I made for them some day.

I think you might want to choose a theme for the baby's room and go from there. Or you might want to choose a pattern and colours you like for your starting point. It is really up to you. Don't forget that a baby will eventually out grow a crib quilt and you most likely will want to make more than one quilt as the child becomes older. My youngest grandson, (he's 5 now), actually had 4 quilts I made for him. Now he wants to take all 4 quilts, plus the two lap quilts I made for his twin sisters, to bed with him every night. He has also asked for a larger quilt.

Have fun planning the quilt and I hope you will share a picture of it with us.


Wow, Myrna! What incredible gifts you've created for your children and grandchildren! I would love to see any or all of those quilts, when you get a chance!

I like your advice about picking a block or pattern I want to do, then making my little guy's quilt just be the colors and "look" we want for his room. I look forward to making more quilts for him as he grows and as we come to know his interests and personality -- this is only the beginning! :o)

We're just starting to think about room colors and things, but I'll definitely keep the updates coming on this precious one's quilt as I progress on the plans.

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